The main source of this part of the site is the book Kurt Jobst, Goldsmith and silversmith – Art Metal Worker ; Gerrit Bakker Publisher, Johannesburg, South Africa (1979).

These were the words that introduced his work: « The accent of the book is chiefly pictorial and Kurt Jobst's family has spent some years sifting through all the photographs he left which were taken to England after his death. The main consideration in choosing the illustrations has been to show a representative selection of his work, both from the time he worked in Germany and the period in South Africa.

There are of course, many hundreds of examples of Kurt Jobst's craft in existence, spread throughout South Africa, but the task of tracing and photographing the best of these would have taken many years. It has thus been decided to limit this volume to the best photographic reproductions of the available material.”

But since the publication of this book some 30 years ago, we have witnessed the invention of the internet and seen the fantastic opportunities it offers to further develop the original project. We plan to assemble and exchange, thanks to the internet, as much information and documentation as we can find about Kurt Jobst's work. Once again, whoever you are and wherever you live, please don’t hesitate to contribute to this project by writing at the following address :

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