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This site is dedicated to Kurt Jobst, goldsmith, silversmith and metal-worker, who died in May 1971 after living and working for 35 years in South Africa.

“Kurt Jobst was a unique figure in the world of craft in South Africa and it has been felt by his family and friends that there should be some form of commemoration to the life and work of so talented a man. Whilst it is some eight years since his death, the memory of his work and his personality remain vividly in the minds of those who knew him well.”

This quotation is taken from “ Kurt Jobst Goldsmith and Silversmith - Art Metal Worker”, the only publication dedicated to his work on the initiative of his wife Charlotte Jobst in 1979.

Thanks to her diligence and care a Library of original drawings and photographs is available from which a limited selection was made.

John Hepner, a close family friend of many years, played a major role in designing and bringing the book to publication.

Thanks to the internet, we now have the extraordinary opportunity of sharing the contents of the book with his many admirers.

And yet this site is intended as much more than a homage and commemoration. Its aim is to document and to make an inventory of Kurt Jobst’s abundant and extraordinary production over four decades of artistic activity. His work has been dispersed among his friends and acquaintances across the planet. We would like this site to be the place where people can meet and exchange information about his life and work. It will progressively include new photographs and data : whoever you are and wherever you are, please contribute to this inventory with whatever information and documents you may own !


The secret and tenacious dream of many of Kurt Jobst’s admirers has been that one day an exhibition should be devoted to his work. We hope that this site will help us make this dream come true  !

I would like to thank Lisa Billiet, my mother, to whom I dedicate this project, for having fed with love and passion the memory of the work and the outstanding human being who was my father. I would also like to thank Dieter and Arno Jobst, as well as Nadine Gordimer, for having allowed me to use the images and texts from the book.

Tarquinius Jobst Billiet

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Dieter & Arno Jobst

Tarquinius Jobst Billiet

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